SIL - Universal Senior Consultant, High Nett Worth Claims

  • Standard Bank
  • Constantia Kloof, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Feb 13, 2020
Full Time Insurance & Assurance

Job Description

Job Details


Job Purpose

To provide an extensive, detailed and critical knowledge and understanding of insurance for high net worth individuals and develop the practitioner's skills and ability to synthesise complex issues, evaluate information, apply principles and techniques, build effective relationships with clients, and make professional judgements and informed decisions in relevant work situations.

To take demand from customers for any insurance and banking related matters ranging from end to end claims management ( including service provider, manufacturer and supplier engagement), Servicing of queries, attracting and acquiring new customers and helping the customer leave the organisation whilst forming an accurate assessment and understanding of that demand in order to act on it in a manner that consistently delivers what matters to the customer within the parameters of the bank's financial offerings.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Determine customer demand

  • Engage with customers in order to understand what matters to the customer as per value of service and product and deliver against those demands.
  • Identify authenticity of the customer (where required) in order to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons.
  • Takes ownership of every demand and provides the customer with an immediate response (depending on the nature of the demand) or facilitates the completion of the customer demand.
  • Understand the risks associated with the customer demand and ensure that effective controls are adhered to in order to minimise risk.
  • Understand and execute on customer enquiries, ranging from product questions to policy queries, to claims queries

    Deliver on customer demand - Claims Management

    • Engage with customers in order to understand what value will be derived from the service rendered to them and deliver against those demands that add value to the customers life problems (claim raised by customer ).

  • Validate if this is a Valid Claim or not by doing all the necessary checks, eg policy number, policy holder details etc
  • Schedule the appointments for the customer based on what adds value to his or her life problems (claim raised by customer) pertaining to our service offering where applicable.
  • Understand the nature of demand and allocate the right tradesman /tradespeople to the job
  • Identifies authenticity of the customer (is this a valid policy holder, is the claim for the insured risk address) in order to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons.
  • Validate the customers contact details by doing the necessary security checks
  • Communicate the excess requirements to the customer where applicable, at point of call.
  • Arrange Access for the tradesman to enter the property
  • Pass the information provided by the customer perfectly to the tradesman, in the words of the customer to ensure we deliver against customer expectations, in order to create a perfect experience for the customer
  • Identify other value demands/ needs of the customer through having purposeful and holistic what matters conversations with the customers
  • Provide clarity to the customer on the next steps / what is to be expected in the process to ensure perfect experience.
  • Make payment to customer and or tradesman and supplier where applicable

    Deliver on customer demand - Service Provider Management

    • Work with the service providers to create systemic view of the service provider environment

  • Help build/create a relationship based on co-operation & mutuality with our service providers and maintain those that are existing.
  • Understand what is predictable in the service provider environment ( skills, material ,nature of demand, diagnosis, arrival patterns, geography ) and work with the service provider to resource against that demand
  • Build tradesman's /service provider expertise against the high frequency predictable demands
  • On board new service providers where required based on customer demand
  • Ensure that the shared measures are visible and consistently work with the tradesman to improve capability of response
  • Comparative Capability analysis on like for like systems to improve performance of the system
  • Understand and remove the causes of variation within their system

    Identify demand generation opportunities

    • In conversing with customers, identify demand generation opportunities: by asking relevant questions to prompt insights from the customer

  • Completes demand generation tracking forms as and when required. Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and identifies demand generation opportunities.
  • Participates in specific campaigns and marketing activities as required.
  • Proactively promotes the use of multiple channels to customers including mobile banking, internet banking and other non-branch channels.
  • Obtains necessary customers documentation as required by Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and regulations.
  • Accurately captures, updates or amends customer information and history notes.

    Deliver on Customer Demand-Servicing

    • Validate and update the customer's personal details whilst obtaining the necessary documentation as required by Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and regulations. which will include the following :

  • Add members to policy
  • Change banking details
  • Upgrade cover
  • Cancel my policy
• Cancel my account
• Upgrade my cover
• Change Debit Date
• Query Resolution
• Basic Data updates ( risk address, contact details , email addresses)

Information collation and analysis

• Continuously assesses what matters to the customer against the ability of processes and systems to meet the customers demand, in order to make recommendations to the In-Work Lead to act on the system.
• Collate information on value, variation and failure in the system whilst executing work processes, in order to contribute to development of management information for the department.
• Analyse data and information in order to develop and apply self-correcting action where applicable, to enable constant fulfilment of customer demand.
• Design methods of improving the work through the use of data, agree as a team on methods to test.
• Test methods (Fail Fast).
• Facilitates group meetings when required to contribute to collective learning and growth for individuals and teams.
• Update capability charts and MIS in order to maintain an accurate database to assist leaders who are required to act on the system.
• Work as a single piece flow ( ensure that the job is right the first time)
• Pull Expertise where required to effectively service the customers demand
• Use data to make decisions to create perfect work, perfect experience for the customer
• Identify system conditions that hinder perfect work, perfect experience and actively pull on leadership to remove them.
• Have the ability to work in small agile teams and uphold the teams operating principles and practices

Relationship Management

• Build strong and meaningful relationships with High Networth Clients.
• Ability to confidently carry out meaningful conversations with HNI. Be able to understand customer requirements.
• Must have strong problem solving capabilities with excellent turnaround time.
• Must be flexible around the specific client requirements
• Be available anytime to solve the client's claim requirements

Preferred Qualification and Experience


Matric (essential)
RE (advantageous)
Insurance related qualification (advatageous)


Minimum 5 years Motor and Non-Motor Claims experience
Strong technical knowledge of the end-to-end claims processes and procedures for both Motor and Non-Motor claims.
A good understanding of insurance laid-down policies and procedures related to customer service.
A thorough understanding of the Insurance value chain and functions of other departments within it.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Customer Understanding
Product Knowledge
Application and Submission Verification
Customer Acceptance and Review
Banking Process and Procedures
Heart of Customer Experience
Client Retention