Head: Finance (PBB Change Management)

  • Standard Bank
  • Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Apr 01, 2020
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Job Description

Job Details

Finance: budgeting and forecasting, creating interim and annual financial statements, facilitating internal mergers and acquisitions, as well as dealing with analysts and investors.

Job Purpose

    • To drive change in the PBB Finance area.
    • To provide insight and guidance on the future infrastructure, financial and management information systems and applications within Finance

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Facilitate change across the PBB SA finance capability

    • Understands the accounting systems and the management information which form the basis of reporting on a monthly basis.
    • Identify and implement innovative solutions to optimise sourcing, processing and reporting of information for all reporting periods.
    • Simplify and automate processes to enable less time spent on required deliverables.
    • Drives automation of self-service functionality for financial and management information.
    • Ensure synergies and alignment between the actual and budgeting processes.
    • Drive a culture of innovation and change within the immediate and wider finance team.
    • Operate in an agile manner and assist the teams in operating in a similar manner.
    • Assist with build of a forecasting tool.
    • Understand business units' requirements and assist with ‘building once and utilising multiple times'
    • Remove duplication of effort from multiple requests by different teams
    • Ensure that data quality is improved
    • Ensure that financial and non-financial information can be seamlessly and accurately reported
    • Introduce and implement innovative ways of operating, e.g. machine learning, robotics etc


    • Reduction in time spent on processes - feedback and baselining time taken
    • Automation and self-service capability creation
    • Stakeholder feedback on ease of use of reports

Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) - client management reporting

    • Understand the PMT tool, in terms of business rules applied, processing times, methodologies etc.
    • Lead the finance stream in respect of PMT, i.e. governing the process from end-to-end
    • Provide and implement a tactical and strategic solution to enable optimal regional reporting
    • Provide the requirements and ensure automation and standardisation of regional reporting requirements
    • Remove regional reporting duplications between finance teams
    • Be the central point of contact for Finance between IT, FBS, Measurement and Finance
    • Optimise the PMT process and reduce time to report
    • Engage with relevant teams to provide PMT reports via self-service capabilities
    • Communicates and engages with Finance teams on rules, changes, process etc.
    • Build relationships with the key contacts in related areas
    • Collaborate and influence the future reporting functionality of FMT (finance management tool and the PMT tools)
    • Lead daily stand-ups or facilitate a better operating model to enable this in an efficient and productive manner
    • Assist teams with automation of reconciliations between FMI and PMT
    • Become the PMT SME for Finance


    • Stakeholder feedback on communication and engagement with key players
    • Reduction in complexity, duplications and time to report
    • Automation and self-service optimisation
    • Facilitating an optimal operating structure

Financial Management Information (FMI) - general ledger

    • Understands the financial operating environment, including timelines, deliverables and expectations in order to reduced time to deliver.
    • Standardises and optimises reporting from FMI.
    • Optimises current timeous and manual processes, e.g. product reporting, segment reporting, regional reporting
    • Assists with dashboarding and automating packs, storyboards, budget views etc.
    • Rethink and test the current processing methodology and challenge the norms
    • Optimise the segmental report
    • Completes analytical investigations and ad hoc projects.
    • Provides financial input and feasibility studies for new projects initiated
    • Leverage and scale reporting in central finance to enable Bus to become true value managers and partner with business appropriately

New projects and initiatives

    • Be the lead on all new projects and initiatives.
    • Partner with Group on their journey, e.g. Self-service reporting, faster GL close, Deliver 2020 etc.
    • Understand best practice within the Group and leverage this, e.g. CIB budget and forecast capability
    • Understand and present, and potentially implement, external and new ways of Finance partnering and reporting
    • Delivers on ad hoc requests in a timeous manner and manages stakeholder expectations appropriately.
    • Ensures that the outputs of the area to business and finance are reviewed and are of a high quality.
    • Ensures that the business and finance partners are well informed of the rollout of all initiatives / projects to ensure that the project / initiative impact is effectively communicated to them.
    • Present projects currently in play, or intended, to the PBB Finance Change Board


    • Successful implementation of the initiative on time and budget
    • Stakeholder feedback on the quality of product

PBT (Planning and Budgeting Tool)

    • Lead the PBT and budget stream in terms of managing the new tool and building out the functionality of the tool appropriately
    • Successfully deliver a rolling forecast tool integrated with PBT
    • Successfully deliver a shape modelling tool integrated with PBT
    • Build PBT to the required levels, per agreement with business
    • Lead the change management process to implement the new tools
    • Communicate all processes effectively
    • Train the people and test the tools thoroughly
    • Ensure all product models are properly built into the tool and signed off by product
    • Build in comparative input drivers
    • Become the key point of contact between the developers, IT, FBS and Finance
    • Manage the developers according to timelines and agreed scope


    • PBT delivered and properly utilised for forecasts, RE1 and Budgets
    • Stakeholder feedback


    • Become a member of the change board
    • Understand the change environment and impact of all projects and requirements to PBB SA Finance and ensure these are on the roadmap
    • Understand the Bank Analyser journey and the strategic intent thereof and drive the relevant processes to ensure the PBB Finance strategy is understood, communicated, driven and implemented.
    • Provide support and assistance to the Head of Finance
    • Empower the finance staff through training and exposure to latest technology


    • Stakeholder feedback - Finance exco, change board members etc.

People management

    • Manages a team to ensure effective delivery of objectives for the area.
    • Develops a high performing team by embedding the bank's performance process, regular performance feedback and coaching. Addresses poor performance.
    • Motivates team members and ensures that they receive recognition for work well done.
    • Determines development needs of the team and ensures that development opportunities (training, rotation, on-the-job learning) are budgeted for and executed.
    • Maintains a succession plan for the team by reviewing the skills of the team at least twice a year and has career conversations with them.
    • Interviews and recruits new members of the team, including determining the appropriate salary with input from the Human Capital Business Partner.
    • Creates workforce plans for the area to ensure that current and future business requirements can be met. Such plans should be revisited at least twice a year.
    • Uses workforce plans to obtain headcount approvals on an annual basis and as input into the financial budgeting cycles.
    • Creates quarterly leave plans to ensure adequate coverage. Approves leave requests and leave sell requests.
    • When required, initiates disciplinary processes for team members. Resolves grievances raised by team members, escalating only if unresolved.


    • Effective people management (e.g. performance appraisal discussions conducted; performance contracts in place; job descriptions in place and kept up to date).

Preferred Qualification and Experience

    • First Degree Finance and Accounting
    • Honours Degree Business Commerce
    • Certifications: SAP R3, BW, FMI, BPC, Qlikview
    • 7-10 years Financial reporting/Management, Financial system implementation, Project management

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

    • Strategic Planning and Reporting
    • Financial reporting/Management
    • Financial system implementation